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Preparing to Maximize Your Stimulus
through Cash Flow Management

Inadequate cash flow management and forecasting is one of the leading causes of business failure – even in the strongest economy. Having a reliable cash flow forecast for your business will be even more critical as we push forward in 2020.

Join us for a 3-part series where we provide you with the practical knowledge, process and tools you need to evaluate your current cash situation, identify ways to reduce cash outflows/increase inflows, develop a plan/forecast and monitor/adjust the plan as we learn more about how our economy will rebound.

Who Will Benefit?

Small to mid-size business owners, controllers, managers, supervisors, financial managers, accounting professionals – anyone who handles cash coming in or going out of your business.

Note: Continuing professional education will not be offered as part of this series.

Getting Started:

Understanding Cash


April 23rd | 9:00–10:30AM EST

– How to go broke while making a profit

– Cash vs. Profit

– Statement of cash flows

– Cash flow drivers

Tools: The Cash Flow Focus Report


Forecasting Cash


April 30th | 9:00–10:30AM EST

– The cash flow forecast

– Steps to building a cash flow model / forecast for your business

– Understanding and planning for cash gaps

Tools: Cash Flow Model and Forecast


Optimizing Cash


May 7th | 9:00–10:30AM EST

– Cash flow management in troubled times

– Ways to improve cash flow in your business

– Process of weekly cash management

Tools: 13-Week Cash Flow Model and Forecast